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To many, health and safety challenges including sexual assault and high-risk drinking on campus may seem intractable. The Campus Prevention Network is committed to changing that narrative through the mission of supporting colleges and universities in driving lasting, large-scale change. By providing innovative research, proven and promising prevention strategies, and opportunities to engage and benefit from the collective wisdom of peers, the Campus Prevention Network is uniquely positioned to help campuses make breakthrough progress on the critical health and safety issues impacting the lives of our students, staff, and faculty.

Sexual Assault
Sexual and relationship violence prevention is one of the most urgent, important, and challenging issues facing colleges and universities.

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Alcohol & Other Drugs
Empowering students to make healthy and informed choices about substance use is critical to the health and safety of campus communities.

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& Other Drugs

Legislation & Compliance
Meeting state and federal requirements is essential, but meaningful prevention work occurs when the letter and spirit of the law intersect.

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Wellness & Mental Health
Mental health and wellness are central to student success and the overlapping health and safety challenges facing higher education institutions.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
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August 10, 2017
Implementing an Evidence-Informed Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Program: Overview of EVERFI’s New Prevention Course

Opioid abuse is now the number one cause of accidental death in the United States, and young adults

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August 14, 2017
National Organization for Victim Assistance 43rd Annual Training Event

Join us at NOVA's 43rd annual training event. There will receive access to over 100 presentations

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August 24, 2017

Prevention research is clear: effective prevention requires campuses to develop culturally relevant

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August 28, 2017
North-American Interfraternity Annual Meeting

To provide maximum value for member fraternities, the NIC’s Annual Meeting of Members is now bei

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    As more and more states move to legalize marijuana, colleges and universities struggle to understand what the new legislation means for their prevention efforts. Research has ident ...

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    Sorority and fraternity chapters face the unique challenge of adhering to policy outlined by both individual institutions and national greek letter organizations. From the viewpoin ...

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