Campus Prevention Network
"I really appreciate that EverFi is not just about an online course - between the education, focus, customer service, research and the ability to apply research to practice is really awesome."
CPN's Story

EverFi launched the Campus Prevention Network to support colleges and universities in driving lasting, large-scale change on critical health, wellness, and safety issues facing students, faculty, and staff through prevention research and best practices, assessments and benchmarking, and population-level prevention programs.

The Campus Prevention Network provides a platform for schools doing effective and innovative work to be recognized for their efforts, while also enabling all institutions to benefit from the collective knowledge and perspectives of their peers and the breadth of experience offered by EverFi’s team of prevention and compliance experts. Whether it be community colleges, small private institutions, or large public universities, the Campus Prevention Network is committed to engaging, supporting, and empowering schools to do the best work possible in making positive impact on critical campus health and safety issues.

Our Team

Our Prevention Education and Compliance team brings over 75 years of higher education experience to the Campus Prevention Network. With deep expertise in public health, sexual violence and substance abuse prevention, wellness and mental health, fraternity and sorority life, research and data analytics, compliance and legal affairs, curriculum design, and higher ed administration, we are committed to helping campuses make breakthrough progress in their efforts to create safer, healthier communities.

Rob Buelow, MS
Vice President Rob Buelow is a public health professional and award-winning expert in campus sexual assault prevention, with over 10 years of experience in Higher Education. At EverFi, Rob oversees prevention research and thought leadership while also contributing to the ongoing development of EverFi’s leading online prevention platforms. He has received state and national recognition for his work as a prevention educator, including the 2009 Outstanding Prevention Educator award from the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault.
Holly Rider-Milkovich, MA
Senior Director Holly is the Senior Director of Prevention Education at EverFi. Previously, Holly directed the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center at the University of Michigan. Holly provided expertise to President Obama’s White House Task Force on best practices for campus-based sexual and intimate partner violence prevention and response efforts and represented four-year colleges and universities in the federal negotiated rule-making committee for the 2013 Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization. She brings over two decades of experience in violence prevention and response and in higher education to her role at EverFi.
Nicole Cavallaro, MPH
Associate Director Nicole supports the research efforts of the Partner Education team through the development of evaluative resources for the EverFi Coalition. Prior, Nicole was a clinical researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Focused on health and wellness, she conducted international research on lifestyle intervention versus pharmacogenetics.
Kimberley Timpf, MEd
Senior Director Ms. Timpf has more than 20 years experience in the college alcohol and other drug prevention field, having worked at both public and private universities. She has authored and managed federal and state grants, coordinated nationally recognized prevention programs, and served multiple terms as the directorate chair of AOD issues for ACPA. At EverFi, Kimberley serves as a subject matter expert in alcohol prevention program design and development, application of prevention theory in higher education settings, training and instruction, and methods of evaluation.
Lauren Soutiea, MPH
Senior Research Analyst As a senior research analyst, Lauren supports the research efforts of the Partner Education team by discovering impactful insights from EverFi data, uncovering best practices in the field, and developing resources to serve the needs of prevention professionals. Lauren brings a diverse work background with experience at both state and federal level government agencies, as well as large and small private companies.
Erin McClintock, MEd
Director Erin McClintock is a strength-based mental health counselor with over ten years of experience in collegiate psychology and wellbeing. As EverFi’s mental health subject matter expert, Erin critically explores the issues of mental health and wellness and their intersectionality with sexual assault and substance use. Erin holds a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and completed her post-Master’s education in trauma and addiction studies.
Karen Peterson, J.D.
Legal Editor Karen Peterson is a legal editor at EverFi. Prior to joining the editorial staff, she spent several years in private legal practice. Now she applies her legal skills to research and writing on higher education law to educate college students and employees about campus safety issues. Her studies focused on jurisprudence and social policy, earning a BA from UC Berkeley and a JD from the University of San Francisco Law School.
Christine Day, J.D.
Legal Editor Christine Day is a legal writer and editor at EverFi. She writes about employment and higher education law and tracks case law and legislative and regulatory updates. She has over 15 years of experience researching and writing about the law. Before joining the editorial staff, she worked for a legal publisher and a company that provided continuing education for attorneys. She earned her JD from the University of San Diego Law School and her BA from the University of Southern California.
Dan Zapp, PHD
Director of Research Dr. Dan leads the data analysis, development, and dissemination of findings for the research arm at EverFi. He earned his PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology at George Mason University, where he studied social, emotional, and cognitive development in children, adolescents, and young adults as well as how to leverage sound research into actionable decisions for parents, educators, administrators, and policy-makers. Specifically, Dan focuses on the development of critical concepts in adolescence and teaching young adults about substance abuse and sexual assault, using educational technology.